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Here’s The Problem …

Display ads suck. Eyesores! I hate them. I’m sure you do, too, especially if you have AdBlock Plus enabled like me. Did you know they are less than 1% effective? They are really THAT bad and I didn’t want to plaster them all over this network. So, I created my own unique way for you to support these Press sites.

Hello Supporter Badges!

This isn’t your traditional advert. This is a unique Badge that signifies your support in this content. Basically, it means you’re awesome. And because you’re awesome, you even get to have your own special area where you can describe and link out to your stuff, whether you’re a student, solopreneur, small- , medium- or large-sized business.

Cheap Badges … For Now

There are thousands of active users on this site with thousands of views… and it’s still a baby! By next year’s end, it’ll be at five figures in both aspects. And I’m constantly improving it. Trying to keep these badge rates low for now but, at some point, as my resources will have to expand, so the expenses will rise, as well. Suffice to say, get’em while they’re HOT!!!

You’re Going To Get

  • An Eye-Catching Ad Spot For Up To 1 FULL YEAR
  • A Beautiful Supporter Badge That’ll Plug You/Your Business
  • A Dedicated Area Where Your Customers Can Learn More About You
  • The Highest Deliverability Rate Within Your City

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